Remote interview tips: 5 tactics to ace your job interview

Your most productive day at work is achievable; you just need a little help. This way, you are peeling back layers on the individual’s effective communication skills, communication style, and sensitivity through digital channels. Asking this question will give you an idea of their strategies for constructive feedback that encourages improvement. One example of a candidate’s systematic structure approach is if they employ online calendars, task management tools, and daily Stand-ups. It conveys that they can make a well-organized but dedicated workspace that keeps all parties on the same page and encourages work. You may ask the applicant, “What methods do you use to track and evaluate the performance of remote team members?

Distributed team members need to be more intentional about their interactions with each other. With that in mind, here are ten questions you’ll probably be asked when you interview for a remote opportunity—plus advice on how to respond and sample answers. remote interview process As a 100% remote team, our annual retreat is a big deal for us. It’s one of the only chances for our growing team to meet up, work together, and talk about the future of Hubstaff… People will continue working remotely and apply for remote positions.

Communication Skills for Your Remote Employees

This is important for you as a candidate to get a feel for whether it’s a good culture fit. I know that communication in remote teams can be very tough, so I always try to overcommunicate when interacting with my coworkers on Slack. Here, you’re trying to determine where the candidate physically plans to work. Or maybe they prefer to set up shop in a coffeehouse or hotel room. This is nuts-and-bolts information, but you need to know whether the candidate has a distraction-free workspace with a reliable internet connection — and, if not, what they might need to be successful. This could include a desk, an ergonomic chair, or maybe an office in a coworking space.

Another question is, “Can you provide an example of a significant challenge you faced while managing a remote team and how you resolved it? ” This will provide you with a picture of an applicant’s problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills while working remotely. Finally, the technology you use to communicate with your interviewer can impact how you speak. While most video interview supports near real-time communication, there is actually a small delay, so you may need to pause a bit to ensure the interviewer is done speaking. Additionally, slowing your cadence and speaking clearly is a must, mainly if there may be technical issues that harm the audio quality.

Struggling with Your Remote Interview Process?

” Doing so will give you an insight into the individual’s familiarity with remote work software. Employers may also ask questions about the remote candidate’s familiarity with video calls and their comfort level with virtual communication tools. The remote work environment differs significantly from a traditional office setting, and remote employers may need to determine how candidates manage their to-do lists and prioritize their work.

  • Also, asking this question will reveal whether or not a candidate has put a lot of thought into organization, and in remote life, organization is a must.
  • Take a few minutes in the time leading up to your interview to prepare.
  • Instead, explain that you like a lot of information and direction, and then explain how you will get what you need from your remote team members.
  • Sometimes it isn’t about the money, but it’s about offering a candidate a new world of possibilities.

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