ADP TotalSource Review and Pricing in 2024

Access to a valuable employee development program can increase employee engagement, reduce employee turnover and minimize risk for your organization. We were impressed by ADP’s team of HR specialists and experts on payroll, workers’ compensation and other HR topics. While the platform is well designed, it’s great to know that if you get stuck, the vendor provides advisors dedicated to walking you through any issues, including technological ones.

  1. While a PEO can save money and protect you from some legal risks, you may experience delayed communication and conflict resolution.
  2. Paychex also offers an expense management integration, powered by ExpenseWire, for companies seeking to streamline their expense reimbursement process and gain better control over company expenses.
  3. BambooHR has a number of customizable reports, complete with a Favorites tab so you can easily identify and take action on crucial reports.
  4. If the features were included in the service, the platform received the highest score.

This allows business owners to focus on growing their businesses, rather than getting bogged down in HR minutiae. ADP offers various HR services and PEO features, including payroll processing, payroll tax administration, HR policy development, recruitment, onboarding and employee benefits administration. TriNet offers a wide range of support services to help small businesses with the enrollment process. It has an online platform where employers can manage payroll, benefits, HR and compliance. TriNet will also help you enroll in a retirement plan and offer health insurance enrollment support.

Namely HR is a cloud-based all-in-one HR platform with enhanced services specifically designed for midsize businesses with 25 to 1,000 employees headquartered in the United States. Namely HR is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform that supports the full employee life cycle. It provides benefits insurance expertise, enhanced payroll services and compliance tools.

With features such as the Candidate Source Report, you get a visual breakdown of where and why candidates are dropping off in the recruitment process — a valuable insight that can enhance your scaling process. Additionally, BambooHR helps employers craft compensation packages and workplace policies that make a company more attractive to candidates. Lastly, we took our own first-hand experience into consideration when evaluating each of the HR outsourcing services. We considered factors such as features and ease of use, value for money, and popularity. Best for midsize companies with over 100 employees or large enterprise companies looking for an entire HR suite plus more. May not be the most cost-effective for smaller companies and those in need of just a few specific uses.

ADP Workforce supports businesses of all sizes, including fewer than five employees. It has a resource center for small businesses and one for midsized and enterprise businesses. Insperity scales with your business and additional offerings are available to companies that are looking to accommodate specific needs now and as they grow. Pricing is tailored to your business and you will need to call to get a custom quote. It is, however, known to be on the more expensive side but users say you get what you pay for.

Best HR Outsourcing Services of 2024

For rapidly growing startups, Bambee stays on top of ongoing legal compliance issues and updates. As the world’s first integrated, licensed, and regulated global payroll and payments system, Papaya offers a comprehensive solution for companies operating in multiple countries. With the ability to fund in 12 different currencies and make payments in over 160 countries, Papaya is the go-to platform for businesses with a global workforce. Unlike traditional payroll and payments platforms, Papaya understands the complexities and challenges that come with onboarding, managing and paying multinational workforces. We like that ADP has an intuitive online platform and simple dashboards that allow employees to view their benefits and make adjustments as needed. ADP also offers MyLife Advisors, a service that guides employees through making the right benefits choices.

Although integrations can add a little more time to the setup procedures on the front end, they often greatly improve and streamline your HR processes in the long run. Understanding a PEO’s pros and cons is essential before partnering with a provider. While a PEO can save money and protect you from some legal risks, you may experience delayed communication and conflict resolution. Like some other PEOs on the market, ADP TotalSource doesn’t list its pricing online. Instead, you must contact a company representative for a quote based on your business’s specific PEO needs. We found the vendor’s system and team to be comprehensive and experienced in terms of helping employers maintain legal compliance.

Winding down a partnership with an HRO should be a careful process to ensure continuity of your HR functions during the transition. As a business or organization looking to make improvements, it’s important to compare prices and services before making adp hr outsourcing a decision. Making the right decision can include many different factors for different organizations. To help you find the best HR outsourcing services, we considered a range of leading HR outsourcing services in the market and narrowed it down to 13.

BambooHR HR Outsourcing: Best for Talent Acquisition

Our ratings take into account factors such as transparent pricing, variety of offerings, compliance monitoring and customer ratings. You will need to ask prospective HROs specific questions relating to benefits management, such as those regarding their overall service offerings and open enrollment process. Aside from getting to know what services a provider offers (which can be difficult if all you are doing is visiting provider websites), you must assess its reputation for customer service and product customization.

Dedicated representatives can also help with day-to-day HR functions and answer any HR-related questions. Representatives can include specialists and consultants focusing on payroll, benefits, open enrollment, workplace safety, talent and service delivery. This level of support is competitive with that of other providers in the industry. ADP is a major payroll and tax service provider, so its offerings in this area are unparalleled. Employees and managers can access pertinent, real-time pay information from an online dashboard or mobile app.

Can an HRO take care of my benefits management?

Gusto is best known for its payroll platform, but it can also be used to outsource a wide range of HR tasks, including employee onboarding. Gusto supports the hiring process with seamless job postings and personalized offer letters through the new-hire onboarding and training process. Although Gusto was previously limited to U.S.-based employees, it now offers an employer-of-record service that allows you to onboard and pay employees around the globe.

UKG provides a full suite of HR and workforce management solutions to help you manage the complete life cycle of an employee. UKG Pro offers robust payroll capabilities, talent management, workforce planning, analytics and much more. UKG Pro stays connected to the business by providing personalized proactive support, cost savings, expertise in HR/payroll and complete satisfaction with a 96% customer retention rate. The first step to implementing ADP is to reach out to a representative to find the best HRO service or PEO plan for your business. Traditional outsourced HR plans include essential HR features like payroll processing, benefits administration and compliance assistance.

ADP Workforce Now

Typically, this involves training employees on the PEO’s systems as well as transitioning in-house HR and employment tasks to the PEO. We considered customer satisfaction with a PEO service to be essential as well and turned to third-party sites like G2, Capterra and the Better Business Bureau to look at reviews left by real users of each service. We considered the number of reviews left for each provider, looking for a threshold of at least 300 as well as how many reviews they had on Capterra and G2 that were 3.5 or higher out of 5. For the BBB, we looked for providers who had an accreditation of at least a B- and were accredited by the organization. For pricing, the most important factor we considered was whether a service’s pricing was transparent or not, which most do not offer, meaning that you had to contact the company to receive a quote for PEO services.

We found ADP’s Workforce Now technology suite to be intuitive and user-friendly. It includes employee self-service features and a mobile app – features on par with other HROs and PEOs we reviewed. We like that the ADP system is easily customizable and offers many flexible tools.

The dedicated HRO support team often can advise on specific compliance issues to help businesses manage risk and legal compliance. Many business owners turn to their HRO provider for advice with processes such as terminations, which could have negative compliance or legal consequences if processed incorrectly. Paychex is a leading provider in the HR space, with established and well-respected solutions. The company offers affordable HRO services for small businesses alongside one of the best payroll processing solutions we reviewed. Paychex offers a seamless payroll processing experience on the employer side, as well as easy-to-navigate self-service tools for employees who need to enter their time or view their pay stubs.

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