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TurboTax offers a free version that lets you file a Form 1040 and claim limited tax credits. Last but not least, TurboTax is not ideal for those with complicated tax situations. If you have a more complex tax scenario, you may be best served with a dedicated accountant who can get to know your financial situation personally.

Help buttons can also connect you to the searchable knowledge base, on-screen help and more. This means that investors who formerly used TurboTax Premier will now need to use Premium, regardless of whether they need help with self-employment taxes — which might be a sticking point for some filers moving forward. Find a TurboTax work schedule that fits around your current practice. TurboTax calculations are 100% accurate so your taxes will be done right, guaranteed, or we’ll pay you any IRS penalties. TurboTax finds every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to boost your tax refund. Either way, TurboTax calculations are 100% accurate, guaranteed.

Last year, it took me a few hours to submit all my taxes through the platform, despite it being my first time. We also considered the breadth of tax forms included in the various packages offered by each tax software company, with an emphasis on what’s available at no cost. Some of TurboTax’s product support and customer service lines that are included in the cost of prep for the lower-tier products are not as helpful as they could be. The best way to get specialized help is usually to upgrade to a more expensive TurboTax Live package.

Taxpayers are matched with a pro based on the question they have, and you can request a new tax pro if you’re not satisfied with the one assigned to you. According to TurboTax, its pros are either tax experts or TurboTax employees who have gone through vetting and internal training. Once you’re connected with your pro, you’ll also get to see their credentials. The Live Assisted option also gets you a final review with a tax pro before you file.

During the process, a banner at the top of the screen keeps a running tally of your estimated federal and state refund or amount due. TurboTax also offers a “RaceMode” banner, which times how long it takes to get your return filed, but if you find it distracting, you can opt to turn off the function. As you make your way through the return, a banner running along the side keeps track of where you stand in the process and flags areas you still need to complete. Not only does it tally up your estimated bill or refund, but it also provides a detailed breakdown of what factors are currently affecting it. One of TurboTax’s most notable features is its contextual help in the form of videos, expandable sidebar information, and embedded links throughout that offer tips, explainers, videos and other resources.

We search hundreds of tax deductions to find every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax refund, guaranteed. After starting in Live Full Service, we’ll ask you some questions to learn about your tax situation and create a personalized tax planner for you. This tax planner helps you know what docs you’ll need so you can gather turbo tax tax expert them and start securely uploading them to your TurboTax account. On the downside, TurboTax doesn’t offer expert assistance with every package, so if you opt for the free and basic version, you may find yourself in need of more guidance along the way. Olson is fine with tax-prep companies only providing free tax prep for “plain vanilla” returns.

  1. It will be available to residents in 12 states starting around mid-March.
  2. Even if you’re lacking forms, you can begin right now on TurboTax because it automatically saves your progress.
  3. Just answer a few simple questions and you’re on your way.
  4. If it doesn’t know the answer, it will direct you to the TurboTax community forums or offer expert (human) help.
  5. We also offer full audit representation for an additional fee with MAX Defend & Restore.
  6. TurboTax finds every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to boost your tax refund.

This may influence which products we review and write about (and where those products appear on the site), but it in no way affects our recommendations or advice, which are grounded in thousands of hours of research. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. 100% accurate calculations, audit support, and your max refund. ~37% of taxpayers qualify.Form 1040 + limited credits only.


You can give permission through the software to share your tax documents with your tax expert. There also aren’t any physical locations like H&R Block and other similar services offer. If you’re not well-versed in the tax process or need extra hand-holding with your returns, this might be a dealbreaker. “Free File can provide a multitude of services,” Hugo said. Free File providers offer the same customer service for their free customers and their paying customers, Hugo said. The Free File program is an IRS partnership with some tax software companies — but not TurboTax and H&R Block.

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According to the National Society of Accountants, the average cost for filing a federal return with a CPA is anywhere from $220 to $323, depending on whether you itemize your returns or not. If you need specialty forms like Form 709 (for gift taxes) or for an S Corp you operate, it can be much more expensive (up to $903). You can import many tax forms directly from banks and investment companies into the TurboTax system. With the mobile app, you can take a photo and upload supported forms. You also have the option to upgrade at any time during the process for live support. TurboTax is among the most expensive options for filing taxes online, but offers a high-quality user interface and access to experts.

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An electronic federal identification number  (“EFIN”) does not expire. If you start a company or if your business’ employer identification number has changed you would need to apply for a new EFIN. If you get stuck along the way, you have the option of paying an additional fee and upgrading to TurboTax Live to get on-demand help from a TurboTax expert or CPA. When you choose this option, the tax pro will do a final review of your return before you file. These prices reflect the list prices advertised as of April 19, 2023, without any discounts that TurboTax may offer to people who file early in the tax filing season. If you want to pay your filing fee out of your federal refund, TurboTax charges an extra $39 refund processing fee for the convenience.

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With all versions except desktop computer software, you can start and enter your information at no cost. You only pay at the end when filing your federal and state tax returns. For instance, tax preparers at Intuit get a free copy of TurboTax Live. They https://turbo-tax.org/ can also have access to ProSeries Professional by Intuit at a discount. ProSeries is an all-in-one tax solution that includes tax planning and compliance services, as well as software for preparing and filing both federal and state income tax returns.

Business-related purchases may count toward your deductions. TurboTax will calculate whether you should use itemized deductions or the Standard Deduction to lower your taxable income as much as possible. You also have the option of paying for the software out of your refund.

Intuit’s platform helps you achieve financial confidence with TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Here’s a look at the various ways you can find answers and get guidance when filing your return with TurboTax.

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